REMOVE BAILBONDCITY.COM is NOT owned or operated by is not affiliated with any other mugshot website therefore we do not sell your information. is only responsible for the removal of information found on and not any other 3rd party mugshot website. If you have discovered your information on other mugshot websites then we suggest that you contact those sites directly. If we discover that you have filed a charge back after services have been rendered then we guarantee that your mugshot will not only get re-indexed in Google but will remain there permanently.
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers!

How much does it cost?

$319 per entry.

How does the removal process work?

1. Once we successfully process your payment your mugshot image and arrest information is deleted within 4 days. You will receive an email once the removal is completed.
2. After the information is deleted we will petition Google to re-crawl the website.
3. Within 24 hours the Google image and link will be deleted from Google’s search results.

Will the image and link be gone from Google AND other search engines?

Yes. Your mugshot photo and link will be deleted from Google as well as other search engines like Yahoo and Bing. Once removed from the database Google will delete the image and link within 24 hours. First your information will be deleted from - Second it will be deleted from Google. However it will take longer for the DEAD LINKS to be removed from Yahoo and Bing. While we're waiting for Yahoo & Bing to update should someone click the link it will say "Page Not Found" or redirect to the homepage. This is only for Yahoo and Bing - the removal from Google will take place in a total of 24 hours.

Is the removal permanent?

Yes. We will permanently remove the mugshot record you provide us from the database and Google.

Do you remove mugshots from ALL websites listed on Google?

No. We only remove any mugshot images and links that come from the website.

What if I am on a different website like or

Some of our clients may be listed on multiple mugshot websites. In order to remove a mugshot from a site like or we recommend that you go to that individual website and follow their steps for removal to remove it separately or use a reputable removal service like

How do you ensure the photo will not come back?

Once we delete your record, it is gone forever unless you are arrested again after the removal.

What if I have multiple arrest records on

Contact us via our CONTACT US page to inqquire about specialized volume discount pricing for multi-image removal.

Is the removal guaranteed?

Yes! If your mugshot is not completely gone from Google within the stated timeframe we'll refund your entire payment.

How do I pay the removal fee of $319?

Simply checkout on our HOMEPAGE.

But isn't this site

No. We are NOT We are not owned by a mugshot website. We are an Independent Removal Company and we charge for Removals.  We just happen to have extremely intelligent people in our SEO marketing department that figured out that by looking like and having a name similar to we would get the most traffic. They were right!

Can I send you my expungement paperwork for a free removal?

No. Again we are not DO NOT contact us for FREE removals.
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